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What is a water softener?

What is a water softener? It is a great question, for many reasons. Have you noticed white marks on your shower screen, or even lime scale forming around the end of your taps? Is your skin dry? Are you experiencing brittle hair or even hair loss? Do you get a lather on your soap?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, chances are that you are living in a hard water area. What you probably did not know, there is a solution, and this solution is to fit your home with a water softener.

Please visit the two sections below for more information about our water softeners and our first class installation service.

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Never forget to change your filter for your drinking system again. Join our filter exchange scheme, by paying a annual direct debit, and we will visit your home to replace for you.

Plus, you will get your replacement filter cheaper than the on line price, and fitted by a experienced engineer for free.

If you have a Kinetico Aquataste, Kinetico Aquaguard, Kinetico K5, Kinetico Aquascale, Kinetico K2, Twin tec, Minimax, Harvey, Franke, Doulton, Pentair, Ecowater, Omnipure, you can join the scheme. If you are not sure, which brand of filter you have please get in touch with us.

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