U. S. Pipe bomber named

Pipe Bomber
U. S. Pipe Bomber named

Key points:

  • At least 12 suspicious packages sent to prominent critics of Donald Trump

  • Justice Department confirms one arrest made in Miami, Florida

  • Two intercepted on Friday were sent to Democratic senator Cory Booker and ex-director of national intelligence James Clapper

  • Others targets this week include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Robert De Niro

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the suspicious packages sent to prominent critics of Donald Trump, officials have said.

They said a person had been taken into custody in Miami after pipe bombs were addressed to several high-profile figures, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

It comes after US police said they were investigating an two more suspicious packages on Friday in New York and Florida, taking the total packages intercepted to 12.

One of the parcels found on Friday was addressed to Democratic Party senator Cory Booker in Florida, with the FBI saying it was similar in appearance to the others that had been seized.

Another was addressed to the former director of national intelligence James Clapper, care of CNN, in New York.

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