The Water Boy UK Partners With European Watercare.

Last month, March 2021, European Water Care in Harlow finalised the designs for The Water Boy water softener, and already they are flying of the shelves.

The joint venture, by Andrew McPhilbin of Aqua Concepts with Andrew Slark and Nick Paputselos of European Water Care is a really exciting project. The range of softeners will accommodate any domestic dwelling, and the iX drinking systems provide great filtered water by the turn of a tap.The iX filters are made from recycled materials, and will not add to the landfill crisis. The spent filters get returned to the factory, to get recycled.

"Water Softener dealers have been treated unfair by the manufacturers in recent times. Manufacturers have flooded the market with multiple brands of the same product, and try to convince traders that one is better than the other, when infact there is little difference." - Andrew McPhilbin

The Water Boy UK are now recruiting installers throughout the UK assigning designated territories to the select individuals. A specific training facility is currently being finished at the Harlow site, and intense training days will be scheduled to make sure that all installers are installing to the high standards of WRAS approval.

This project is extremely exciting, for a number of reasons. Firstly, we get the chance to promote a British made product, but secondly, we have the opportunity to offer the installers a great product, with marketing resources to develop their business.

Exciting times ahead!

Please visit our You Tube channel. Videos of production coming soon!

For more details please get in touch 01400 288008 or visit

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