The Water Boy UK Launch

The Water Boy UK has been a project that has been on the cards for sometime, and at last the official launch happened.

It was really important that the products I intended to manufacture, ticked certain boxes. I really wanted a UK manufacturer, with an environmental conscious policy. This was a huge hurdle because I was not looking in the right place. The second hurdle was to convince a manufacturer that there was enough space within the market for this product, and get them to back the project.

The first manufacture agreed in principle and we went all out to start the project. Two months in, and they created obstacle after obstacle, and I was so close to calling it a day. By a stroke of luck, during a conversation with the current manufacturer, about the cabinet design, they dropped a name European Water Care (EWC), and spoke about getting them to produce a cabinet for me. Incidentally I had been PM by Andy Slark of EWC a few months prior introducing themselves, but I had skipped the message. At this point we were in the middle of the COVID lock down, so I was not sure if they were still actively manufacturing. Nevertheless I sent him a message on LinkedIn.