Spalding, Lincolnshire

Spalding are ball manufacturers in the United states and famous for making basketballs, but there is also a place in the United Kingdom, located in the Lincolnshire fens called Spalding.

World famous bulbs from Spalding
Spalding, Springfield flower festival

Spalding holds the annual flower festival, and has been known to be the epicenter for bulb s in the U. K.

Agriculture is the main industry, and surrounded by scenic towns and villages such as Holbeach, Whaplode, Pinchbeck, Moulton, Weston, Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge.

A great day out is at the Baytree Garden center, located on the island near Weston.

Baytree Garden Center

The Baytree Garden Center, has a huge department for gardening, aquatic and pet department, hot tub and spa supplier and the Owl center. On selected days there is on of the largest car boots in the area, for browsers and sellers.

Water Quality

Spalding has one of the highest levels of hard water, and it is classed as aggressively hard. Without a water softener in this area, appliances would be damaged by limescale within a short time. Home owners are forever having to use a descaler, because the lime scale can form in a short space of time, blocking shower heads, blocking water pipes and causing dry skin.

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