Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Skegness is a Lincolnshire, East coast holiday town, located about 43 miles East of Lincoln. Skegness is the home of the famous Butlins holiday camp, and is swarmed with holiday parks of static caravans.

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There is lots of attractions to visit such as the Pleasure beach, Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells, The Skegness aquarium, Skegness Pier and the streets of arcade.

Barrie feeding a eel in Skegness Aquarium

Water Quality

The water hardness is Skegness is described as moderately hard, and people in Skegness complain of limescale forming around the home, with blocked up shower heads.

We recently spoke to Mollie, from Nottingham, who said "When I visit my relative in Skegness, my hair and skin feel different when I wash. I much prefer the water at home"

The chlorine levels are listed on the Anglian Water site as 0.43 mg/l but there is no legal limit for chlorine despite it being classed as a poison.

Lead is almost present in all properties built pre 1970's, and Lead is considered harmful if excessive, as heavy metals can build up in the body. Lead is particularly dangerous to under 6 year old and pregnant women.

It is advisable to fit a drinking water filter in your home in Skegness.

Essential drinking system

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