Salt Containing Impurities.

A massive part of our business is service, and we are noticing a common trend now.

Water softeners are becoming more popular, and salt manufacturing companies are popping up, with promise of "high quality ", "purest" and "high grade". We are actually finding that online bought salt maybe troublesome.

Many of the different brands are in fact rebranded salt, so you maybe under the illusion that the purity is better but actually it is the same. We are noticing salt containg plastic particles, sand and grit and we are also suspicious that calcium is added as a binding agent, but this is yet to be analyised.

Take a look at the above video of a recent service in Sleaford in Lincolnshire. The customer was complaining of hard water and salt not being used. Once we removed the shrouds, it was evident the the cheap salt that was purchased locally was the culprit. The customer was not convinced, so they actually suggested we dissolved some salt tablets, just to see. So here it is!

In just 9 salt tablets we found particles of black plastic, and just over a gram of sand and grit.

This got us thinking. If you want us to dissolve a particular brand of salt, and catalogue its purity, add a comment to the Youtube channel and we will put it on our list.

If you do want high quality salt, please visit the store, and we will guarantee that the salt we supply will be of the highest quality.

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