October Trade In Deal

Most of the water softeners out there have been working hard - and been there longer than the current government. We have an exciting offer, straight from the manufacturer, Kinetico Water Softeners.

Trade in your old softener against a new Kinetico Premier range and you will get up to £250 for your old softener. Get your old softener in this pile today.

We can also arrange 0% finance for no fee, and no deposit, split over 12 months. Please hit the chat button below for details.

Be like Wayne from Keyworth, in Nottingham. Wayne is conscious about his water quality. He has a Premier compact and K5 drinking station in his home, and loves the feeling of soft water.

"The soft water reduces the amount of cleaning that I have to do" says Wayne, "my skin feels totally different."

"We take it for granted that the water we drink is safe, but I do not think chlorine is good for you, and I know that fluoride is a poison too" he continues, "It reassures me that when I drink filter water, I am giving my body the best"

Wayne is happy, be like Wayne! Hit the chat now.

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