Loughborough home water improvement.

Loughborough is suffering with the effects of hard water. Having a water softener and drinking system will not only protect your home, but will improve the water quality.

The Premier Compact is the current water softener by kinetico water systems. This compact unit will cope easily with up to 10 people at home, and it fits snug beneath your kitchen sink.

The above picture also has a essential drinking system, to provide hard filtered water to the sink. Take a look at the fantastic chrome tap by Kinetico.

Do you like chilled water? The Essential Drinking system by kinetico comes with a glass carafe so you can fill with filtered water and placed in the fridge. The glass carafe will help to reduce plastic pollution, so no need to use single plastic bottles.

If you wish to feel the difference a Kinetico Soft Wate system can make, click the chat below.

Kinetico Water Systems the global leader.

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