Hydrogen Rich Water - could this be natures cure?

hydrogen water hydrogenated

Day to day we are subjected to oxidation stress, which produce free radical, unstable molecules, which are linked to inflammation and disease. It has been suggested that hydrogen molecules fight these free radicals. The problem is that normal pure water, consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and it is difficult to extract the hydrogen in this molecule. Therefore, by adding extra hydrogen, the process should be easier.

There are very few ways to add more hydrogen, but has the technology becomes more available, you can now buy a home filter system that also adds this essential hydrogen.

In an eight-week study in 49 people receiving radiation therapy for liver cancer, half the participants were instructed to drink 51–68 ounces (1,500–2,000 ml) of hydrogen-enriched water per day.

At the end of the trial, those who consumed the hydrogen water experienced decreased levels of hydro peroxide — a marker of oxidative stress — and maintained greater antioxidant activity after radiation treatment than the control group.

However, a recent four-week study in 26 healthy people demonstrated that drinking 20 ounces (600 ml) of hydrogen-rich water per day did not decrease markers of oxidative stress, such as hydro peroxide, compared to a placebo group.

May Benefit Those With Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterized by high blood sugar, increased triglyceride levels, high cholesterol, and excess belly fat.

Chronic inflammation is suspected to be a contributing factor.

Some research shows that hydrogen water may be effective at reducing markers of oxidative stress and improving risk factors related to metabolic syndrome.

One 10-week study instructed 20 people with signs of metabolic syndrome to drink 30–34 ounces (0.9–1 liter) of hydrogen-enriched water per day.

At the end of the trial, participants experienced significant reductions in “bad” LDL and total cholesterol, increases in “good” HDL cholesterol, greater antioxidant activity, and reduced levels of inflammatory markers, such as TNF-α

May Benefit Athletes

Many companies promote hydrogen water as a natural way to enhance athletic performance.

The product may benefit athletes by reducing inflammation and slowing the accumulation of lactate in the blood, which is a sign of muscle fatigue.

A study in ten male soccer players found that athletes who drank 1,500 ml of hydrogen-enriched water experienced lower levels of blood lactate and decreased muscle fatigue after exercise compared to a placebo group.

Another small two-week study in eight male cyclists demonstrated that the men who consumed 2 liters of hydrogen-enriched water daily had greater power output during sprinting exercises than those who drank regular water.

However, this is a relatively new area of research, and more studies are needed to fully understand how drinking hydrogen-enriched water may benefit athletes.

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