H2O Boy Spacesaver Softener

After the successful year with "The WaterBoy", water softener range, we thought we needed a solution to a few problems that we have, when finding a location. Although the Water Boy range are already compact and pack a punch of capacity, plus they out perform the competition in performance and price, we want to push the boundaries a bit further.

Introducing the Spacesaver water softener from the new H2O range.

H2O Spacesaver

The compact vessel containing chlorine resistant, Monospherical WRAS approved resin. The vessels are made from high quality spun fibre glass, and encased in a custom design Neoprene covering to prevent condensation, whilst giving a stylish look. The Brine tank has a 3M line which can be put in a different location, and even located outside. The system boasts a safety brine valve with a anti over flow feature to prevent any accidents, which slides smoothly in a easy access brine well.

Anti Over Flow Device

If you have had a water softener in the past, you may have experienced the hinges of the cupboard doors rusting. This is due to the salty environment and condensation. Now the H2O Spacesaver prevents this with being independent.

Rusty Hinges

More Features

The H2O Space saver collates all data such as days in service, regens, water usage, capacity, flow monitor and leak detection.

If you want to learn more, fill in the contact form or call 01400 288008.

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