Do You Need Soft Water In Your Life?

Maybe you do. I can not think of a reason why you would not want silky soft water in your life. Lets explore it further and see if you can relate to any of these benefits.

What is soft water?

We can not begin to explore the benefits until we understand what soft water is, and more importantly, what hard water is. Without realising, it is likely that you live in a hard water area. Hard water is soft water that contains a high content of minerals, and it is this mineral content that is the culprit that causes so many issues in your home, issues to your skin and hair, and costs lots of money in cleaning products and home repairs.

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limescale In Your Pipes

Limescale forms from hard water and causes a rock like formation around faucets, tap spouts, kettles which can be easily spotted. It also forms in the places that you cant see like pipes, boilers, appliances, ball valves, showers, and even drains. Appliances can really suffer, and expensive cleaning products are used to remove this formation. There is a simpler way to prevent this, and we will come to this soon.

So we have established that hard water is not great for water around your home, and it can create lots of problems, which all lead to you spending money, or doing lots of cleaning. But can it physically affect us and our bodies? The simple answer is yes! Hard water has been proven* to effect hair and skin, and may cause skin problems due to dry skin. Hard water can leave the hair brittle, and doesn't have the ability to wash excess detergents from your hair, skin and even fabrics. This excess detergents are irritants, and can cause itching and drying out of the skin. We have solution, but keep reading.

Ever heard of Calcium Oxalate? A common name for this is kidney stones. The most common type of kidney stone comes from the combination of calcium and oxalate in the kidneys.

When calcium and oxalate come into contact with the intestines, the body usually purges them before they become a problem. However, when oxalates do not have enough bio available calcium, the body doesn’t purge them and allows them to rebelliously move towards the stomach. Once they reach the stomach, they combine with non-organic calcium found in hard water, forming painful kidney stones.

Hard water is notorious for the build-up of the minerals, and studies show that if you drink hard water at 10 grains per gallon, the urinary calcium concentration increases by 50%. Have you suffered with kidney stones?

So hard water can affect your day to day life, and normally you would just except that this is the norm and the problems we experience can not be prevented. The good news is that they can be prevented and even better news is that existing problems due to build up can be reversed. Hair and skin can get back to a healthy condition, and having kidney stones can be dramatically reduced. Fitting a water softener is the easy solution. An appliance can be fitted on the incoming main that converts the hard water back into its natural state of soft water. The soft water will prevent all these problems from occurring and even dissolve the existing limescale. The excess detergent in your clothes and fabrics will be rinsed away, and the itching may stop!

Sounds expensive? Predominately, water softeners have been imported into the country, and this makes them very expensive. But we have some amazing news that has been sweeping the UK. We are now manufacturing a MADE IN BRITAIN water softener that is purpose made for the UK plumbing. We have not got to pass on expensive import duties or have huge storage to house weeks and weeks of stock. We produce stock as we need it, and have no stocking issues if a boat doesn't hit the port. This also means that the price is less expensive in comparison to the imported softeners.

Lets review the benefits. Soft water is great for your hair and skin and may even help your skin complaints. Soft water will remove existing limescale in your home. Soft water will prevent limescale forming. Soft water will reduce your chances of having kidney stones by 50%. Soft water will rinse all your clothes and protect your appliances. The icing on the cake is we have made softened water more affordable, more accessible and more reliable with a Made In Britain endorsed product.

If you wish to find out more about having a water softener fitted to your home, and you wish to be one of the thousands of home owners are are simply loving soft water, get in touch today. Also check out our YouTube channel by clicking the image below.

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