Classic Water Softeners picks up the prize

Jon Challis from Kinetico UK Ltd, and Stuart Forbes from Classic Water Softeners, attended the 2018 Build It Magazine awards, where the Premier Compact had been nominated for the best plumbing product.

Kinetico Water Systems have a huge relationship with softening water, and are the global leaders in water treatment. Kinetico Water Systems are often copied by the competition, but nothing can come anywhere near to its build quality, and reliability.

The Premier Compact, water softener, has been specially designed for the UK market, and fits comfortably beneath the sink, providing endless softened water, without interruption. Kinetico UK distribute heir product through a carefully picked dealer network, who are considered the best in the industry, which are managed by Director of sales Ian Morgan, and assisted by dealer manager Jon Challis, (Pictured below). Classic Water Softeners are one of the hand picked dealers.

Jon Challis & Stuart Forbes

Well done to Jon and Stuart, the Kinetico Premier Compact water softener won the Build It magazine's Best Plumbing Product 2018.

The Kinetico dealer network spans the entire country, and the level of service is always high. Click the "Ask an expert" below

and we will direct you to your nearest expert.

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