Chlorinated chicken, No way.......But Chlorinated water, yes please????

Cholrine is used widely in the UK to disinfect our water, whilst it travels around our water supply. The chlorine kills any bacteria, and makes it potable to drink. The dead bacteria is in solution, and considered harmless to drink.

Chlorinated chicken, is chicken that has been rinsed in chlorine to kill surface bacteria, and is currently available in the U.S. but banned from EU countries. After leaving the E.U. and trading may begin with our friends across the pond, chlorinated chicken may become legal, and this has caused uproar.

My personal view is that chlorine in any form, is a poison and we should try our best to to reduce contact where possible. We should not be bathing it, we should not be washing our food in it and most definitely not ingested it through our drinking water.

We work hard to bring the very best for our families, and we should provide clean fresh water which is pesticide free, hormone free, heavy metal free and chemical free. This can only be achieved by installing a home water filtration system. Our municipal drinking water can not offer you this.

Our home filter system is a reverse osmosis K5 by Kinetico. The system has 5 quick change ports which accept high quality filtration cartridges. Our home unit uses 4, which consists of a membrane, pre and post with a remineralising extra to provide clean, fresh mineral water. The pH is slightly alkaline which is considered a better pH for our bodies.

Protect your drinking water today, and produce your own water for you and your loved ones.

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