Aqua Concepts take on Rutland water walk

Rutland water stands within its own county of Rutland, and is a magnificent stretch of water.

Sunday morning, 28th October 2018, was a cold start when we arrived at Barnsdale at 7.30 a.m.

With layer on top of layers, customer support Andy Trow (Trowy) and multi tasker Andy McPhilbin set off on an amazing hike around the reservoir and Rutland country side.

It didn't really warm up throughout the morning, but a welcomed hot chocolate was sank at Normanton, which was about 9 miles into the morning.

The Rutland circular circuit is extremely popular with cyclists, and walkers doing sections, and sharing the enjoyment with their dogs, but we were the only ones tjat we bumped into doing the entire circuit.

Check out the funny comment!

Rutland and the surrounding area is classed as hard water, and many people benefit from having a water softener.

See for more details.

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