100k Youtube Views

Aqua Concepts has had a Youtube channel for some time, but we did not really do much with it. It was something we played about with, when we had time. I have always had the ethos that people would much prefer to watch a video than read text, but creating video content is very time consuming.

When the Covid -19 lock down happened in early 2020, it seemed a perfect time to start developing the channel, and looking into the structure of Youtube. The problem that we were faced with, was that you need to record content, and our industry was locked down, so we made a lot of plans, and in effect, a business plan on how to grow the channel.

Youtube is the second largest search engine used, yet businesses are not using it, especially in our industry. So we really went for it in June and started to slowly produce content. It is pretty hard going, learning from other Youtube creators but picking up tips on the way, and making new friends in the Youtube creating community.

Our first goal was 1,000 subscribers and we hit tha