Aqua Concepts have a long relationship with water quality and water treatment. Prior to the founding of Aqua Concepts, Andrew was trained originally on Permutit water softeners. Later he went to work for one of the global leaders in water softening, Ecowater Systems, where he spent many years on the install, repair and service department, covering all of the East Midlands. In 2011 he left to form Aqua Concepts.

Aqua Concepts became initially a re seller for the Harvey Twin Tec brand, and shortly after, the one he was really wanting - Kinetico Water Softeners. In 2017 the relationship with Twin Tec ended and it has been up and up since. 

This year, 2019, we have been approached by Ecowater Systems, to become their representative for the East Midlands with new water management technology, controlled by the home owners wifi, via the App they have created. This is exciting technology and capable of notifying homeowners of high water usage and possible leaks.


Our knowledge on water softening is vast and open to challenge. If you are considering a water softener, find the one that is suitable for your home and your needs. Get in touch today, for free advice on your next home investment, by s SWIG member, the guild of excellence.