Aqua Concepts have a long relationship with water quality and water treatment. Prior to the founding of Aqua Concepts, Andrew was trained originally on Permutit water softeners. Later he went to work for one of the global leaders in water softening, Ecowater Systems, where he spent many years on the install, repair and service department, covering all of the East Midlands. In 2011 he left to form Aqua Concepts.

Aqua Concepts became initially a re seller for the Harvey Twin Tec brand, and shortly after, the one he was really wanting - Kinetico Water Softeners. In 2017 the relationship with Twin Tec ended and it has been up and up since. 

This year, 2019, we have been approached by Ecowater Systems, to become their representative for the East Midlands with new water management technology, controlled by the home owners wifi, via the App they have created. This is exciting technology and capable of notifying homeowners of high water usage and possible leaks.


Our knowledge on water softening is vast and open to challenge. If you are considering a water softener, find the one that is suitable for your home and your needs. Get in touch today, for free advice on your next home investment, by s SWIG member, the guild of excellence.


Frequently asked questions

How much does a water softener cost?

Water softeners come in many shapes and forms. The prices vary from £300 upwards. At Aqua Concepts we only supply latest technology, which is the most reliable and efficient on the market. We prefer to find the correct softener for you, and make it easier to pay.

How do water softeners work?

There are many different ways of softening water, but the most efficient is to use ionic exchange. Here is how a ionic exchange water softener works.

Will a water softener help my eczema?

A water softener may help with your condition. A recent study at the University Of Sheffield by Dr Danby, shows that hard water can affect the skin by damaging the skin surface, leaving it exposed to infection and drying out. The skin is a large organ and can be affected by many external and internal factors, so it is always better to book a demonstaration and feel the difference for yourself. Click the chat button below. Take a look at this testimonial from a Kinetico Water Softener customer, and listen to how their lifes have been changed. It is fantastic!

Can a water softener cause high blood pressure?

This is a popular question. It has long known that sodium can raise blood pressure, whilst potassium lowers it. But it is becoming clearer that getting the right balance between sodium and potassium in the diet may be the key to your heart health. At Aqua Concepts, we do not have any medical experience, so would not be able to comment on any health benefits or problems, but what we would say is that depending on your mineral content, we consider the water to be wholesome and fine to drink, but if in doubt, have one tap that is kept on unsoftened water. If in doubt, please contact your GP for further advice.

What is water softening resin?

Water softening resin is the back bone of soft water. Let me introduce my friend to explain.

Hows does a Kinetico Water Softener compare to a Harveys Water Softener?

The Kinetico is the original global twin tank water softener. The Harvey water softener comes in a many different brands, such as Twin Tec, Crown, Mini Max with small differences, but varying prices, but that aside, lets look at the performance. Take a look a flow rate comparrison here carried out on the European Test Facility in the U. K.

Can you drink softened water?

If your total hardness level is less than 400 ppm it is not necessary to have a seperate tap for drinking purposes. Anything over 400 ppm, regulations insist on a seperate unsoftened water tap, for drinking purposes. If you are unsure the level of your water, than please contact us, and we will come and test the total hardness level for you, and advise the correct install.

Will soft water kill my fish in my aquarium or pond?

Softened water may have a little more sodium in the water than the normal amount, and really should not make a difference. Most fish like a little sodium in the water, but we are not fish specialist, and if you are unsure, please contact your local aquarium expert and they will certainly be able to advise on the best water quality for your fish. Here is a video that might explain a bit more.

Will soft water kill my plants or grass?

Plants and grass should not be affected by using softened water, but always check with your local garden center if you experienceany problems. If you have a outside tap, it might be worth leaving this on hard water if you have a sprinkler system. This would reduce the amount of salt consumption during regeneration.

Is my home water safe to drink?

It is a very interesting topic. The people who provide the water, who state it is safe, are also the people who set the standards. In my opinion, the safest water to drink is water that you filter yourself. The world is waking up to filtration, and every home should be able to filter. Take a look at our section about drinking systems, our blogs, and even shop our products.