Commercial Water Softening

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Gyms & Leisure

We can supply water solutions for Gym & Leisure industry. On a recent case study, we supplied a soft water system to protect their site, reducing their repair costs, but we managed to also reduce the water consumption - saving them money. By providing a SLA we can prevent repairs, but also respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Sewage Site Evaluation

Water authority

Aqua Concepts are working with local water authority Severn Trent on their energy crop plant. Our custom water softening system is essential for keeping their plant operational. Aqua Concepts have provided a solution to respond and repair quickly, in the event of a problem.




Aqua Concepts work closely with Hotels, Guest Houses, Bars and Restaurants. A recent case study in Nottingham, we assisted in a £50,000 water damage claim in a leading restaurant. The water authority could not find the leak, and the owner was unable to open. Aqua Concepts managed to provide vital information to identify, and negotiate the repair, so the owner can re-open.

Further solutions are now implemented and regular inspections and repairs are made.

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schools & academy

Schools and Academy have very tight budgets, and water use and wastage can be a huge piece of their budgets. Water damage can have a detrimental effect, and although covered by insurance, it can be a lengthy process. Aqua Concepts can provide solutions to save water and prevent water leaks.

Aqua Concepts provide drinking water fonts to keep everyone hydrated with fresh filtered water.

Construction Site

commercial sites

Aqua Concepts provide solutions for commercial sites. A recent study at a waste oil recycling plant, identified many issues with their water supply around the site. We provided Health & safety advice, Risk assessments and methods statements immediately so that work could commence quickly and prevent water problems.


work places

& offices

Offices are busy sites, and maintenance gets missed. Aqua Concepts provide Pre-Planned Maintenance and schedule repairs. Aqua Concepts also provide drinking fonts for fresh filtered water, to keep the office hydrated.